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Nutrition Plans


Overlapping of plans can be provided too, to provide you with the advice you need. 

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Analysis of Current Nutrition.

Using a number of methods, Food for Sport will analyse your current level of nutrition and provide a target plan to address areas of concern, in relation to micro nutrients and social impacts as a building block towards generating a sports focussed diet.

Find out how your current eating habits and daily regime are causing underlying health implications preventing you getting the most from your body.

Nutritional Training Plan

Working together, we can compile a training nutrition plan, assessing your unique critical needs as an athlete or regular exerciser, according to your sport and training frequency/intensity.

Food for Sport will compile a nutrition plan scheduling eating times for fuel efficiency, fitness and recovery to compliment your training plan and ensure you get the most from your hard work.

Weight loss, Weight Gain & Maintenance Plan

This plan can help you to achieve weight related goals, in conjunction with and working alongside your training plans. Calculating your unique carbohydrate, protein and fat intake balances according to your weight related target, you can lose fat whilst continuing to gain muscle tone, gain weight or simply maintain your prime weight target and preserve muscle, according to your specific sport's requirements. 

Competition /A Race Nutrition Plan

Do you have  specific event in mind, maybe it's your A race of the season or a mammoth race target to mark a particular milestone? 

Does your sport involve regular competitions in heats? Do they run over a full day of intermittent races?


If so, this is the ideal and most comprehensive plan for you. Food for Sport can create competition diets for endurance, power and strength, engineering a nutritional programme of your unique nutritional needs for peak performance, from endurance to strength and power and from short to prolonged events.

This plan runs up to and including the event/competition and incorporates the planning and rehearsal of carb loading strategies to ensure peak performance.


Taper Plan

This plan addresses the insecurities and common worries about pre race/competition nutrition.

Calculating your individual needs in the weeks prior to your event, determined by your sport, this plan is designed to ensure that the months of tuned training isn't wasted.

Carb loading, sufficient hydration and activity levels are planned to assist you in achieveing that goal you've been working for.



All Sports Nutrition plans provide advice in relation to proper hydration and the use of sports nutrition/hydration products. Advice given is not designed to replace any medical advice from your doctor so please seek their advice before embarking on any plan. 

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